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I’m not just a geek, but also a total nerd.

Being back in school has made this clear.

I took Latin for 3 years in high school. I can’t remember verb tenses to save my life, but the classes sparked a lifelong interest in etymology and vocabulary. I often look at words and try to guess root words, their origins, and how meanings shift over time.

Like the word cerulean for a gorgeous shade of blue. When I was a kid, my original box of 64 Crayolas had blue-green, and also green-blue. Two favorite crayons. Then NEW colors arrived, including cerulean. I loved everything about this color, including its strange-to-me name. I still do (apparently 9 year old me was hipper than I thought).

When working on a yarn club pattern earlier this year in gorgeous Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn, Miriam and I chose Sunset Regatta, a luscious, rich aquatic blue. It looked like the sea. Or the sky. Or that favorite childhood crayon. The root word for cerulean is caeruleus, written in various forms, including caeruleum.

caeruleus m (feminine caerulea, neuter caeruleum); first/second declension

  1. Of or pertaining to the sea.
  2. Of or pertaining to the sky.
  3. Of or pertaining to rivers or sea and river deities.
  4. dark colored, dark blue, dark green, cerulean, azure

Definition from the ever-faithful Wikipedia.


So without further adieu, meet Caeruleum! A simple but elegantly textured triangle shawl, Caeruleum takes approximately 480 yards of light worsted weight yarn. Twisted and dropped stitches create an undulating wave pattern along one edge, and simple stockinette balances the texture with drape.


Caeruleum shawl pdf pattern, $6.
Ravelry download

To celebrate summer (and the end of my summer semester, woohoo!), I’m having a sale on patterns all month long! Buy Caeruleum, get any of my patterns in my Ravelry pattern store for 50% off! Use the code SUMMERSALE16 for discount.

Learn ALL the things!

A roundup of fun Craftsy classes that I’ve taken, or that are on my wishlist*:


Brioche Knitting Made Easy (Ok, I teach that one, but I still love it…)

Explorations in Brioche Knitting

Brioche Knitting: Exploring Color & Texture


Knit and Crochet

40 Ways to Cast On & Bind Off (SUPER HANDY SKILLS!)

Essential Short Row Techniques

Crochet: Basics & Beyond

Blocking Handknits

The Essential Guide to Finishing Handknits

Know Your Yarn


Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques

Perspective for Sketchers


Favorite Asian Dumplings from Scratch (DUMPLINGS!!!)

Authentic Thai Cooking

Slow Cooker Savvy

Cooking with Cast Iron

Mexican Comfort Food


The Classic Tailored Shirt

Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper

Shirtmaking Details

Classic Tailoring: The Blazer


*Full disclosure: these are all affiliate links, since I’m part of the Craftsy gang. 

All I want for Christmas is to not look at another sale banner...

So I’ve decided to put all of the things that pay my rent on one page.

It’s Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/I-have-no-clue-what-they-call-it Sunday/Cyber Monday weekend.

You have gifts to buy! I have cool stuff for sale. That’s handy.

Here’s the rundown:



The Badass Women’s Yarn Club DOES sell gift subscriptions! If you decide that you, in fact, are far more deserving of being a member of the yarn club that kicks ass, we will not judge you. We love you. If you sign up AND buy a gift subscription, then you are a saint, my friend.


Title Card for Blog pos


All Craftsy classes, including my Brioche knitting and Artemisia Sweater classes, are on sale for less than $20. You can also learn watercolor painting, Thai cooking, sewing, quilting, and possibly how to make flint arrowheads. I may have to check on that last one. You have unlimited access to classes, so you can watch classes whenever you like, as often as you like. It’s like having an expert instructor on call while you get to skip the vacuuming and stay in your pajamas, because learning is important, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And unlike in-person classes, if you bring a bottle of wine while you learn on Craftsy, no one will give you the stink-eye (I make no guarantees for your family on this. That’s all on you).


Are you knitting holiday gifts? All of my patterns are on sale in my Ravelry shop for 30% off. No coupon code needed, just grab what you like. From personal gift knitting experience, the Fast Lane Mitts, Pavo Shawlette, Haven, and Petal Edge Scarf all make great gifts that knit up quickly and make great stashbusters.



Knitters love sheep. This is a fact. I know, because I read it on Wikipedia once. Give the gift of psychedelic sheep on tote bags, notions cases, mugs, and more from my Redbubble shop. Want an original sheep painting? Contact me SOON to place an order for a custom painting in time for holiday delivery. Any breed, any color, on heavy paper stock, handpainted by yours truly.

Much gratitude in advance for any purchases you make from any of these sources, and of course, high fives for any purchases you make from small businesses and indie designers. We appreciate every dollar.

The yarn club that kicks ass

A few years ago, when I was running Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, I started a yarn club. When I closed down the dyeworks, ending the club was one of the saddest parts of the process. The Badass Women’s Yarn Club was one of the best, most rewarding projects I’ve ever been a part of.



I’m teaming up with designer Miriam Felton and a slew of handdyers to bring back a new incarnation of the club for 2016.

Learn more and sign up here to snag your spot! Spaces are limited.

C'est la vie


I’m writing this from the spare bedroom of my friends’ house, after spending a good chunk of the day packing and sorting clothing (often going: “WHY did I buy THIS? That’s SO unflattering!).

In the way that life tends to go, I’m in the middle of several challenging things at once. “When it rains, it pours,” may be the understatement of my decade.

I had a major bout of depression. Like, really, really MAJOR.

I went on a two week trip for work (it was AWESOME; my students rock).

I started college again at University of Alabama Birmingham; my first time back in school in 16 years.

I fell and injured my wrist badly enough to not be able to knit (for a while, I couldn’t type, draw, or write, either).

And then Tuesday I had a discussion with my husband and partner of almost 20 years.

We realized it was time to part ways. I moved out.


Weirdly enough, after the initial 48 hours of panic, rage, and anxiety: I feel ok. Relieved, even. 


Not that things aren’t going to completely suck for a while. But there’s a wonderful network of friends all over the country who have been supporting me since Tuesday. I had to take a sociology exam, in a hotel room, the night after this shit all went down, and I got an A. I’m honestly worried about money, but not full on panicking. Some people might consider this whole post to be an airing of my dirty laundry, but mainly what I’m trying to get across is that we’re all human. Sometimes things go to hell in the proverbial handbasket. It did, and I’m intensely grateful for my local Birmingham friends, and the AMAZING people I’ve connected with through the knitting world.

They have been encouraging, caring, and funny (sometimes darkly funny, but I needed that). They’ve offered their homes, their food, bourbon, humor, networking skills, and most of all, they’ve listened. Knitters are good people.

The world isn’t such a scary place after all.

In the middle of all this, I also released a new pattern. If you like brioche knitting, this one will be a fun twist on your existing skills. If you haven’t tried brioche knitting yet, it’s not that difficult (although, yeah, it is a little weird). And stay tuned, next week I’m releasing a sheep-tastic, shiny new thing. 




Rushton is a two-color brioche knit cowl, originally released through the Indigo Dragonfly Smart-Ass Knitters Club.

$7.00, Ravelry PDF download

Two-color brioche ribbing creates a lush, textural, colorful, and reversible fabric in this close-fitting cowl. A band of contrasting brioche ribs slants from right to left along the full length of the cowl, and shows equally strikingly on the reverse side of the fabric.

FINISHED SIZE: Approximately 28cm (11”) deep, 53.5 cm (21”) circumference

YARN: DK weight yarn, approx. 250 yds ea of two colors, MC and CC.

NEEDLES: US size 3.25 mm/US size 3 16” circular needle.

Adjust needle size as needed to obtain gauge.

GAUGE: 20 sts & 28 rnds over 10 cm/4” in two-color brioche rib, worked in the round.

NOTIONS: Stitch markers:
1 locking/removeable,
5 additional markers
(4 x 1 colour, 1 different colour), tapestry needle.

SKILLS: Knitting, purling,
basic brioche stitches, brioche




Brioche Chic book signing in Birmingham

Birmingham area knitters (and the folks shopping for knitters), shop local this Wednesday!
I’ll be signing my book Brioche Chic at Church Street Coffee & Books in Crestline! Part of the proceeds from the event will go to Crisis Center Birmingham.
Come by and see (and touch!) garments from the book.
Wednesday, December 3rd, from 7 to 10 pm.

My big fat Brioche Chic blog tour

Brioche Chic - jacket art


Brioche Chic is visiting with friends, on a two-week blog tour! Visit our host blogs to learn more about creating the book, brioche knitting, and the collection of designs. The tour starts Monday, October 6th!


The line-up:

10/6 – Lindsey Stephens at Poetry in Yarn

10/7 – Interview on Planet Purl

10/8 – Annie Modesitt at Modeknit

10/9 – Heather Walpole at Ewe Ewe Yarns

10/10 – Gwen Bortner at 2 Sides 2 Points

Weekend break!

10/13 – Heather Zoppetti (author of Everyday Lace) at Digital Nabi

10/14 – Penny Shima Glanz at Little Acorn Creations

10/15 – Sarah E. White at About.com

10/16 – Beth Casey at Lorna’s Laces Yarns

10/17 – Meaghan Schmaltz at The Unapologetic Knitter


Whew! And then my book and I will be back in our virtual home, with me kicking my feet up on the sofa and having some tea. The book prefers prosecco.

Interweave Yarn Fest


I’ve taught at Interweave Knitting Lab twice in the last year or so, and LOVE the events. The students in my classes were enthusiastic, adventurous, and so much fun!

This April, Interweave is expanding Knitting Lab into a multi-craft event called Interweave Yarn Fest, full classes on knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and more. I’ll be teaching several knitting classes, including brioche knitting (of course), short-rows for pattern and shaping, and embroidery on knits.

Yarn Fest will be April 16-19 in Loveland, CO, outside of Denver. Registration is now open, so go grab your spots in class before they sell out!



Briche Chic is available now!

Brioche Chic, now available


Brioche Chic is an instructional book on how to knit brioche stitch combined with 22 modern, stylish projects to help you jump into brioche knitting! Learn how to choose yarns, needles, and other helpful tips and tricks to become comfortable with brioche knitting.

Order your copy of Brioche Chic today! 

2 new sweaters and a sweet SALE.

It’s been a while since I’ve sent anything out, because things here have been INSANE.
My husband and I traveled to New Mexico in June (so amazing and gorgeous), and while we were gone, our apartment was robbed. Little did we know this was just the first incident in what we first dubbed “The Week of Doom,” which snowballed into “The Month of Doom,” and in reality was six solid weeks of stressful DOOM. More thefts, very sick pets (still reeling from vet bills), total chaos.

Things are thankfully much quieter now. *sigh of relief*

We’ve moved to a safer apartment in a lovely 1920s building in a cute Birmingham neighborhood. I’m writing you from my little screened-in porch with my dog, Leelu, at my feet. I’ve also moved my work stuff into a new studio space, so the apartment doesn’t look like a yarn shop blew up all over the furniture. Chris is very happy about this last part.

If you’d like to write to me, send cookies, postcards, whatever, I have a new mailing address. It’s a rented mailbox and they take all carriers’ shipments:

1116 20th St S #203
Birmingham, AL 35205

In the calm after the storm of June/July, I’ve been able to FINALLY finish up two sweater patterns that have been waiting in the wings. Both are sponsored by Blue Water Fibers, the US distributor for Erika Knight’s luscious classic British wool yarns.

Meet Highland Avenue and Cobb Lane!

Highland Avenue cardigan

Cobb Lane pullover


Both of these sweaters, along with everything available in my Ravelry pattern store, are now 30% off, now through my birthday weekend, 9/21. Grab one (or three?) for yourself, gift a pattern to a friend, or perform a random act of kindness for a fellow Ravelry group member. No need for a coupon code, just shop to your heart’s delight and all items will be automatically discounted in your shopping cart. Easy peasy, rice and cheesy.

The Brioche Knitting Made Easy class on Craftsy is still going strong! If you still haven’t signed up, come on over and join us. I’m so proud of what my students are knitting up!

How has your summer been? What are you planning for autumn? Tell me all about it.