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Campbell & 2nd (errata added 4.11.12.)

New PDF edition released 8.29.14 or later is updated with corrections.

Page 2, Row 4:  Work rows 3&4 4 more times.”

Page 3, Sizes L-3X, Row 26:  K to m, sm, (k to 1 st before m, p1, sm, p1) 4x, k to end.


Zadie (errata added the week of 7.9.17)

If you were following the cable charts, they are both A-ok. The text on the Right Twist Cable had a copy/paste mistake previous to 7.13.17.

Rnd 2 of the Right Twist Cable should have established the cable with K4, p4, the mirror image of Rnd 2 of the Left Twist Cable. Once that is established properly, the rest of the cable should fall into place pretty intuitively. Patterns copies released after 7.13.17 reflect a full change in this paragraph.

The needle sizes should read as follows, and are correct in the Ravelry pattern listing (update in bold):
NEEDLES: US 7 (4.5 mm) 24” (60cm) or 32” (80cm)
circular needles and double pointed needles, US 5
(3.75 mm)
24” (60cm) or 32” (80cm) circular needles
and double pointed needles; or size needed to obtain gauge.

US needle sizes have always been correct, but the smaller of the mm sizes had a typo. Patterns copies released after 7.9.17 reflect a full change in this paragraph, as does the Ravelry pattern listing.


Questions about possible pattern typos? Email me at mercedes @ knitn -dot- com.