Learn Brioche Knitting!

Craftsy Brioche Class

It’s so very quiet…

Sorry about that.

I’ve been working on one top-secret project after another. And bursting to tell y’all about them, but sworn to secrecy. The suspense is killing me!!

I’m also getting ready to go to TNNA, the needlework conference being held in Columbus, OH, later this month. Which has meant lots of running around like a headless chicken getting travel plans, my portfolio, and other details squared away.

Happily, I can show you a tiny bit of one of my current projects. The color is a bit of a secret, one of Lorna’s Laces new Fall 2012 multicolors, but you can see the brioche and garter stitch details. I’ve used a “cheater method” brioche, which skips the yarnover/slip stitch combo in favor of knitting into the row below to create the brioche floats. I can’t wait to share this sweater design once it’s complete!


  • Ellen Davis

    I like what I see so far.