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I’m not just a geek, but also a total nerd.

Being back in school has made this clear.

I took Latin for 3 years in high school. I can’t remember verb tenses to save my life, but the classes sparked a lifelong interest in etymology and vocabulary. I often look at words and try to guess root words, their origins, and how meanings shift over time.

Like the word cerulean for a gorgeous shade of blue. When I was a kid, my original box of 64 Crayolas had blue-green, and also green-blue. Two favorite crayons. Then NEW colors arrived, including cerulean. I loved everything about this color, including its strange-to-me name. I still do (apparently 9 year old me was hipper than I thought).

When working on a yarn club pattern earlier this year in gorgeous Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn, Miriam and I chose Sunset Regatta, a luscious, rich aquatic blue. It looked like the sea. Or the sky. Or that favorite childhood crayon. The root word for cerulean is caeruleus, written in various forms, including caeruleum.

caeruleus m (feminine caerulea, neuter caeruleum); first/second declension

  1. Of or pertaining to the sea.
  2. Of or pertaining to the sky.
  3. Of or pertaining to rivers or sea and river deities.
  4. dark colored, dark blue, dark green, cerulean, azure

Definition from the ever-faithful Wikipedia.


So without further adieu, meet Caeruleum! A simple but elegantly textured triangle shawl, Caeruleum takes approximately 480 yards of light worsted weight yarn. Twisted and dropped stitches create an undulating wave pattern along one edge, and simple stockinette balances the texture with drape.


Caeruleum shawl pdf pattern, $6.
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