Post-TNNA haze

Knitscene Emmanuelle pullover

I’m back from TNNA! I’m still gathering my thoughts for a real review of the show, but in the meantime, you should visit my (new!) friend Karen’s blog, Fringe Association, to read all about the fun weekend from her perspective. Karen and I were thrown together by fate to become roommates for the weekend event, [...]

Beginner Mind


 Photo by TheBoth/Ian Bothwell, used with Creative Commons Attribution license. 

I am cranking away on the book. Lots of knitting, lots of project juggling, lots of notes and writing. I’ve also been trying to be more determined and focused on taking very good care of myself during the process, as [...]

Friday Roundup, 2.22.13

Remember when I said I want to go to Costa Rica and visit the sloths? They have sloths on their money!!

Hey kids!

Thanks for following along as we had the Artemisia blog tour! Extra-special thanks to all of our lovely hostesses.

In case you missed it, here is where we traveled [...]

Where did Mercedes go? (She's writing a book.)

So now that it’s all VERY official, I can safely tell you:


Really! With an editor, and a publisher, and a terrifyingly large word count! I’m both elated and scared. Both of those feelings are probably valid.

What’s it about? I can’t tell you yet.

Who is it with? Interweave [...]

Interview on the Kollabora blog

Head on over to the Kollabora blog to read my interview on making, knitting, and the DIY mindset. There’s also pictures on my dog and cat, if you’re into that kind of thing.


lightning round blogging

2012-12-29 23.32.45

Happy New Year! So far, 2013 has shot off like a bottle rocket, and is moving so fast I can hardly keep up.

Because it’s the new year, and everyone and their mama is talking about resolutions, I have goals on the brain. I try to think in terms of GOALS, not the often [...]

Magic City Post is getting crafty...

MCP header

Have you seen my first post about the Birmingham craft scene at the Magic City Post? Take a look at my review of Kitschmas, a holiday event full of amazing art and handcrafted goods by local makers. And stay tuned for more crafty goodness from the Magic City as I post new articles in [...]

What the heck is Sulia?

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 3.32.48 PM

If you follow me on Twitter or the Mercedes Knits Facebook page (You do, right? You don’t?! Well, let’s fix that right now.), you’ve probably noticed many of my new updates on general knitting and crochet news link through a site called

What is Sulia?

Well the best (and funniest) description that I’ve heard [...]

Local Color-Yarnbombing

yarn bombing 8th Ct S

I’ve been noticing more and more yarnbombings around Birmingham as I walk the dog, go out for drinks, and visit shops. I’ve decided to start adding posts highlighting some of these fun pieces of crafty installation art, to share with those of you in other places. Are you seeing yarnbombings, yarn graffiti, or as my [...]

Knit Night

I actually ventured out of my cave on Tuesday night to join up with some friends for knit night. In truth, I did very little actual knitting, a fair amount of ripping (lace gone wrong), and quite a bit of snacking and beer drinking. And I got to meet the delightful Popotame, our hostess’ gregarious [...]