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I’m not just a geek, but also a total nerd.

Being back in school has made this clear.

I took Latin for 3 years in high school. I can’t remember verb tenses to save my life, but the classes sparked a lifelong interest in etymology and vocabulary. I often look at words and try to guess root words, their origins, and how meanings shift over time.

Like the word cerulean for a gorgeous shade of blue. When I was a kid, my original box of 64 Crayolas had blue-green, and also green-blue. Two favorite crayons. Then NEW colors arrived, including cerulean. I loved everything about this color, including its strange-to-me name. I still do (apparently 9 year old me was hipper than I thought).

When working on a yarn club pattern earlier this year in gorgeous Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn, Miriam and I chose Sunset Regatta, a luscious, rich aquatic blue. It looked like the sea. Or the sky. Or that favorite childhood crayon. The root word for cerulean is caeruleus, written in various forms, including caeruleum.

caeruleus m (feminine caerulea, neuter caeruleum); first/second declension

  1. Of or pertaining to the sea.
  2. Of or pertaining to the sky.
  3. Of or pertaining to rivers or sea and river deities.
  4. dark colored, dark blue, dark green, cerulean, azure

Definition from the ever-faithful Wikipedia.


So without further adieu, meet Caeruleum! A simple but elegantly textured triangle shawl, Caeruleum takes approximately 480 yards of light worsted weight yarn. Twisted and dropped stitches create an undulating wave pattern along one edge, and simple stockinette balances the texture with drape.


Caeruleum shawl pdf pattern, $6.
Ravelry download

To celebrate summer (and the end of my summer semester, woohoo!), I’m having a sale on patterns all month long! Buy Caeruleum, get any of my patterns in my Ravelry pattern store for 50% off! Use the code SUMMERSALE16 for discount.

Learn ALL the things!

A roundup of fun Craftsy classes that I’ve taken, or that are on my wishlist*:


Brioche Knitting Made Easy (Ok, I teach that one, but I still love it…)

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Brioche Knitting: Exploring Color & Texture


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Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques

Perspective for Sketchers


Favorite Asian Dumplings from Scratch (DUMPLINGS!!!)

Authentic Thai Cooking

Slow Cooker Savvy

Cooking with Cast Iron

Mexican Comfort Food


The Classic Tailored Shirt

Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper

Shirtmaking Details

Classic Tailoring: The Blazer


*Full disclosure: these are all affiliate links, since I’m part of the Craftsy gang. 

All I want for Christmas is to not look at another sale banner...

So I’ve decided to put all of the things that pay my rent on one page.

It’s Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/I-have-no-clue-what-they-call-it Sunday/Cyber Monday weekend.

You have gifts to buy! I have cool stuff for sale. That’s handy.

Here’s the rundown:



The Badass Women’s Yarn Club DOES sell gift subscriptions! If you decide that you, in fact, are far more deserving of being a member of the yarn club that kicks ass, we will not judge you. We love you. If you sign up AND buy a gift subscription, then you are a saint, my friend.


Title Card for Blog pos


All Craftsy classes, including my Brioche knitting and Artemisia Sweater classes, are on sale for less than $20. You can also learn watercolor painting, Thai cooking, sewing, quilting, and possibly how to make flint arrowheads. I may have to check on that last one. You have unlimited access to classes, so you can watch classes whenever you like, as often as you like. It’s like having an expert instructor on call while you get to skip the vacuuming and stay in your pajamas, because learning is important, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And unlike in-person classes, if you bring a bottle of wine while you learn on Craftsy, no one will give you the stink-eye (I make no guarantees for your family on this. That’s all on you).


Are you knitting holiday gifts? All of my patterns are on sale in my Ravelry shop for 30% off. No coupon code needed, just grab what you like. From personal gift knitting experience, the Fast Lane Mitts, Pavo Shawlette, Haven, and Petal Edge Scarf all make great gifts that knit up quickly and make great stashbusters.



Knitters love sheep. This is a fact. I know, because I read it on Wikipedia once. Give the gift of psychedelic sheep on tote bags, notions cases, mugs, and more from my Redbubble shop. Want an original sheep painting? Contact me SOON to place an order for a custom painting in time for holiday delivery. Any breed, any color, on heavy paper stock, handpainted by yours truly.

Much gratitude in advance for any purchases you make from any of these sources, and of course, high fives for any purchases you make from small businesses and indie designers. We appreciate every dollar.