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Baby Raccoons of Doom

Baby Raccoons

See those cute little faces? They are the deliverers of DOOM.

I’m exaggerating. Mostly.

I injured myself night before last, and aggravated said injury yesterday, all because of baby raccoons. Oh, sure, there may have been some prep laid down by one-legged yoga balances and running, but the raccoons pulled the trigger.

As I was in the kitchen prepping dinner, Chris turned on the tv in the living room (all of 10 feet away). The program? Raccoon Nation on PBS, all about raccoons living in urban areas. He shouted, “Come quick! Baby raccoons! They’re freakin’ CUTE!!!” And I squee-ed and sprinted to the living room.

And got the muscle cramp from hell in my left thigh muscle (Quadriceps, for you smarty-pants out there.). Oh, dear Bob, that hurt.

But it was so ridiculous, I started to laugh. Possibly maniacally.

So I stood there, hunched, shaking with laughter, clutching my leg, tears streaming from my eyes, watching baby raccoons frolic on the screen. Chris was right. They were really freakin’ cute. And I had a sudden flash of Kristen Bell weeping openly about magical sloths.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. I woke up Thursday, and the leg was still sore, but not too bad.

And then I dropped something and squatted to pick it up. This time there was also squealing and tears, but not for baby critters. It was for the tremendous amount of pain shoooting from my thigh. I tore a muscle.

So now I’m resting, sitting a lot, being cautious. No running, no squatting, lots of rest and ibuprofen. And I’m partially telling you this because my grand plans for getting the Campbell & 2nd boatneck pullover released today went out the window. I’m aiming for getting out in the next few days.

If you’d like to see those cutie-pie raccoons, I discovered that the entire episode of Raccoon Nation is available streaming on PBS’s website. I recommend sitting down to watch.

  • http://twitter.com/jeaniebabb Jean Babbage

    We watched those same baby raccoons! While they did not cause any muscle injury here, I did have to frog and restart my knitting project twice!

    • Mercedes

      I’m glad you weren’t a raccoon casualty!

    • http://www.kitchensinkdyeworks.com/ Mercedes

      Those darned raccoons!!

  • Ellen

    OUCH OUCH OUCH.  I’m glad I saw you Wednesday when you could still walk.  Take care of yourself.

    • Mercedes

      I can still walk, thankfully, but there’s a hitch in my giddyup. I had fun on Wednesday! Thanks for inviting me out.

    • http://www.kitchensinkdyeworks.com/ Mercedes

      Thanks, Ellen. It was good to see you, I had fun!

  • Goodshopper

    OMG. This is what I was missing. Racoons, torn quad, knitting patterns and YOU! So happy to keep up with you here. Hope your leg is doing better. Loved the Kristen Bell sloth melt down, and need to check out the raccoons on PBS.

    Coming to bham next week, and hope to catch you for coffee.