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What the heck is Sulia?

If you follow me on Twitter or the Mercedes Knits Facebook page (You do, right? You don’t?! Well, let’s fix that right now.), you’ve probably noticed many of my new updates on general knitting and crochet news link through a site called Sulia.com.

What is Sulia?

Well the best (and funniest) description that I’ve heard […]

resurrected free pattern- Spokes Crochet Cuff

This pattern is was a popular freebie that I had posted on the old Kitchen Sink Dyeworks blog a few years back. I had gotten lost after a site crash, and I hadn’t had time to hunt down the old files until now. Rejoice, it lives again!

Spokes Cuff,  copyright 2009-2012, Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark