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Friday Roundup, 2.22.13

Remember when I said I want to go to Costa Rica and visit the sloths? They have sloths on their money!!

Hey kids!

Thanks for following along as we had the Artemisia blog tour! Extra-special thanks to all of our lovely hostesses.

In case you missed it, here is where we traveled in the last two weeks:

2.11.13     Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts

2.12.13     Rock and Purl

2.13.13     Polka Dot Cottage

2.14.13     Cascade Yarns

2.15.13     Kim Werker

2.18.13     Stolen Stitches

2.19.13     Tara Swiger

2.21.13     Miriam Felton

In other news, I’ve been sick all week. Bleh. But, being glued to the sofa has meant I got a bunch of knitting done, both swatches for the book and a magazine project. I’ve been watching the West Wing, and it’s my first time seeing it (I KNOW). The dialogue is SO good! And I can mostly listen and don’t have to look up often, so that’s a plus.

I’ve still been writing for the Magic City Post, a local community news blog. While the Birmingham, AL, event news won’t help you if you live in say, Tennessee (Hi, Maryville, TN, knitters!), the DIY posts are pretty fun, I think. This weeks was all about DIY tassel crafts to add some colorful accents to your wardrobe.

Next week I’m going to roll out a couple of new features on the blog, ideas I had about having fun posting cool stuff for y’all that’s both knitting and non-knitting related, while I’m under the gag order about the book. Stay tuned!